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A Great Place to Shop!

Handley's is a great store with the best customer service. I tried on probably 10 pairs of boots before selecting the right ones. The staff were extremely patient and helpful. I'll be back for sure.
-Austin A.

I Love Handley's!

Absolutely love this place! Even though we live way out in west Roseville this is still my spot for western wear. The staff is always super friendly and helpful - you almost feel like you're hanging out in your friends living room trying on Tony Lama boots and Wranglers
-Ralph K.

100% satisfied

I tracked down a pair of boots that are apparently pretty popular because I have been looking for a while. I had tried to order them from another western/workwear store and I don't think they ever ordered them then told me Durango is behind because of Covid. I wasnt buying that covid caused them to take 2-1/2 weeks to put a pair of boots in a box to ship out. They had what I was looking for and were kind enough to hold them for me until the next morning when I could make it in. Both of the ladies I dealt with were beyond pleasant. The store seems to have an amazing selection and I can't wait to go back and give them my business again.
-Tara S.

Highly Recommended

What a great western wear store. I would say the best in the area. They have a great selection of all the boots, shirts, pants and hats you could ever want. My wife and I both bought two nice western shirts. I long ago lost my wool blanket that I use to have in my car way back when. We found a great replacement... Pendleton makes great wool merchandise. Staff was very nice and knowledgeable about what was in the store. I highly recommend this great small business.
-Dusty R.

Warm and Friendly

When I stepped into Handley's it was at once familiar even thought this was the first time I ever was there; it instantly conjured up memories of some of the wonderful western shops I used to know that now only exist in my memory. If you like the smell of leather, can't wait to explore long rows of racks with western and work wear, and thrill to a wall stacked with jeans, then you will love this place. They have boots, belts, hats, jewelry, and of course big belt buckles, plus much more. This place feels warm and inviting and the staff is friendly and helpful.
-Laurel A.
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